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Origin of “Satay Beehoon”

The origin of “Satay Beehoon” is really a mystery….

Some say it is was a spin off from Indonesian satay sauce by early Chinese immigrants - who managed to improvise it with various chinese spices to suit their palates. Like any evolution theories, eventually a better version emerges with more and more ingredients added to become what is known as “Satay Beehoon”, a unique Singapore hawker food.

“The dish is usually consists of pork, cuttlefish, cockles, vegetables (typically kang kong and bean sprouts) and Tau-pok. Nevertheless, the Satay Sauce is the main attraction.

History Of ”Soon Huat Satay Beeehoon”

Soon Huat Satay Beehoon has withstood the test of time with more than 50 years in history.

Like any Chinese immigrants. the founder- Mr. Goh Hong Yam started back in 1960's after migrating from China to Singapore for a better living. To make ends meet, initially he sold street hawker food for a living . By fate he met an old master who was impressed by his willingness to work hard , and imparted the secret recipe of Satay Beehoon paste.


Since 1960 ,  husband -and -wife Mdm Chan Hui Hwang started selling this traditional teo chew satay beehoon from a pushcart at . open-air street hawker located at old havelock Road between Block 38 & 40.


In the mid 1970's, due to government control over street hawking, the stall relocate to a permanent hawker centre at near by Block 50.

Later in 1987 , the hawker centre at Block 50 was demolished and the stall relocate again to current location at ABC Food Centre.


Despite the various relocation over the years, the owner has closely guarded and stood by the original recipe loyally... Only top and fresh ingredients are being used in the production process, strictly no preservatives or MSG added. The belief in preserving the traditional original taste has attracted loyal customer who have faithfully followed the stall no matter where they have moved.

Due to popular demands , we have started supplying the salty paste to other food eaters who are interested selling satay Beehoon. Besides being a wholesaler of the past , we also venture out to the retail sector.